Static Dissipative Sheets (Rigid & Soft)



As products grow in sophistication, manufacturing environments have become increasingly complex and sensitive to contamination. Cleanroom manufacturing is now prevalent in many fields besides semiconductor wafer fabrication.

The presence of corrosive chemicals requires wide usage of plastics in the process equipment itself, however, plastics in general naturally accumulate high electro-static charges which attracts dust and can damage the product when it contacts the charged surface. Also in research laboratories and manufacturing plants where flammable chemicals are stored or used, electro-static charges may cause sparking that leads to substantial loss in property and lives.

Mitsubishi's static-dissipative rigid and soft sheets with high transparency are ideal for negating electro-static build-up while allowing good visibility for work safety. Tinted sheets provide screening and enable filtering of UV wavelengths.


  • Excellent anti-static property with surface resistivity of 106 - 108Ω
  • Chemically bonded antistatic property ensures long useable life for cost-effective installations
  • Self-extinguishing grades available, including FM4910 approved grades
  • Bending and non-Bending rigid sheet grades available for cost-effective implementation
  • High workability by adhesive bonding, welding, bending, fastening

Technical Data

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  • Window glazing
  • Soft and hard partitions, temporary enclosures
  • Equipment enclosures
  • Dust covers