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Increasingly, new and retrofitted cleanrooms are installing wet benches, cabinets, storage components and counters with FM4910 approved materials.

The FM4910 test standard sets the performance standard of plastics material used in cleanroom facilities under the Factory Mutual Cleanroom Materials Flammability Test Protocol. It measures two important fire-related characteristics of a material :

the Fire Propagation Index (FPI) - an indicator of the material's tendency to ignite and propagate fire the Smoke Damage Index (SDI) - an indicator of the amount of smoke generated by the material. The Mitsubishi HISHIPLATE™ FM Series is compliant to the stringent FM4910 (Factory Mutual) Cleanroom Materials Flammability Test Protocol. These materials have been formulated to resist burning, self-extinguish and prevent the formation and propagation of smoke and fire. With correct usage of HISHIPLATE FM Series, there is no need for additional and costly fire protection systems. Hence, semiconductor and LCD manufactuers using the HISHIPLATE FM Series can enjoy lower insurance premiums for their facilities. In addition, in the unfortunate event of a fire, damage is greatly reduced and likewise the downtime and financial impact are limited.


  • FM4910 provides a higher level of fire safety than using UL94 protocol
  • Mitsubishi's wide FM product range enables cost-effective designs tailored to actual needs.
  • Good workability similar to non-FM sheets enables more reliable fabrication outcomes
  • NEWTECH FM enhances sheets with Gloss-rentention after hot-welding/bending work
  • NEWTECH FM allows sheets of special lengths to minimise work and material waste
  • 101FM enables very thick sheets for machining of parts.

Technical Data

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  • Cleanroom wet benches and auxiliary equipment in semiconductor, pharma, biotech and other controlled environments
  • Cleanroom infrastructure such as clear partitions, pass-through boxes, air-shower booths etc
  • Good workability similar to non-FM sheets enables more reliable fabrication outcomes
  • Equipment windows requiring non-shatter, flame-retardent, chemical resistant glazing