Phenolic Resin Sheets



Risho's line of Phenolic laminates reinforced with paper, cotton-cloth and glass-cloth are long established products of quality and reliability.

Risho's quality products help reduce costs by maintaining high operating efficiencies, since the cost of down-time caused by inferior materials will outweigh any savings accumulated from lower material prices. Different grades of

Risholite are avaible for the wide range of applications, from making electrical insulative to mechnical components used in electrical power distribution, fixturing, marine, electronics assembly, transporation, sealings, etc.


  • Phenolic Paper with homogenous Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD) property for dependable fixturing and parts.
  • Certifiable electrical insulation grades for Low to Medium Voltage power equipment
  • Moisture-resistant, dimensional stable grades for high precision parts.
  • Self-extinguishing grade and special grades available
  • High workability, suitable for precision machining

Technical Data

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  • Electrical-insulation components eg. Busbar supports, Switchgear actuator-arms, Oil Transformer parts, Test fixtures
  • Mechanical eg. Piston rings, rollers, bobbins, winding cores (mandrels), rudder bushings, bearing seats
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