Heat Resistant



CPVC or Chlorinated PVC enhances normal PVC with higher temperature tolerance and chemical resistance.

Within CPVC working temperatures, Mitsubishi's 101HT (ie. heat-resistant) grade tolerates strong chemicals and is sometimes an economical alternative to more costly fluoro-plastics. 101HT grades also have excellent mechanical and electrical strength making them ideal for chemical tanks, plating jigs, machine chassis and structural elements.

The 101HTC transparent grade allows for visibility into tanks which is not possible with flouro and other opaque plastics.


  • Higher chemical resistance and temperature tolerance than PVC; a good low cost alternative to fluoro-plastics
  • Excellent mechanical, electrical insulation strengths; high rigidity for structural parts
  • Transparent grade (101HTC ) provides visibility into tanks, not possible with fluoro-plastics and other opaque plastics.
  • Self-extinguishing (UL94 V-0), including FM4910 approved grades available
  • High workability, wide availability, competitive costs

Technical Data

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  • Higher chemical resistance and temperature tolerance than PVC
  • Tanks, chemical process equipment
  • Chemical-resistant air-scrubber