Epoxy Resin Rods



Risho's Epoxy laminates reinforced with glass-cloth, paper and polyester are well regarded for their quality and consistency.

This has allowed Risho to develop different grades for a wide field of applications, such as in the electrical power equipment, fixturing, marine, electronics assembly, transportation, microwave telecommunication, etc.

Consistent quality enables cost-efficient designs without wide safety factors, thus bring down overall product and manufacturing costs.


  • Higher electrical insulation, mechanical strength, temperature tolerance than equivalent Phenolic Paper / Cotton cloth materials
  • Certifiable electrical insulation grades for Low to Medium Voltage power equipment
  • Self-extinguishing and other special grades available
  • High workability, suitable for precision machining

Technical Data

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  • Electrical-insulation components eg. High Voltage Busbar supports, GIS Switchgear actuator-arms, Dry Transformer parts, Test fixtures
  • Mechanical eg. Antenna radome, winding cores (mandrels), insulating bushings, bearing seats, insulating pipe saddles
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