Antistatic (ESD) Solder Pallet Material



Ricocel(R) Solder Pallet material is only manufactured in Japan by Risho Kogyo since 2006. Over time, Ricocel has come to be recognised as a one of the most reliable, long-lasting, cost-efficient material for soldering pallets.

Production Operators claim Ricocel is comfortable to handle in the production line, which alleviates worker morale and productivity. Pallet fabricators find Ricocel highly workable and tool-friendly thus increasing their productivity and making them more competitive.

End users using Ricocel for their pallets benefit from the cumulative productivity and longer usable pallet life which reduces their tooling costs yet increases their efficiency.


  • High resistance to most fluxes, does not expose loose glass-fibres that may contaminate solder-pot or cause bridging of fine-pitch circuitry, or serious discomfort to operators compared to current pallet materials.
  • High mechanical strength for thin walls in the pockets of selective wave soldering pallets, increases usable pallet life and lowers tooling costs.
  • High temperature tolerance for Lead (Pb)-free Wave soldering and Reflow soldering, over sustained heat-cycling use.
  • Stable Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD) property even at soldering temperatures
  • Washable with water and mild detergent or IPA simplifies maintenance of pallets.
  • Good workability and low tool wear-out rate compared to current pallet materials

Technical Data

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  • Wave soldering & Reflow Soldering pallets
  • Pallet accessories - component clamps, top-covers, etc